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Mission Vision SLOS


River Oaks Academy is founded on the belief that all children are born with the capacity for lifelong learning. Our mission is to help children find, nurture and sustain the passion that will lead to self-motivated, fulfilling, lifelong achievement, careers and relationships. To this end, we offer a non-traditional, TK-12, personalized-learning, independent study program.


ROA will continue to grow as a community of self-motivated, competent, lifelong learners—children, Coaching Teachers and parents, in partnership—who seek to nurture and support the innate gifts of all participants.

We will prepare students for twenty-first century careers, and to live as members of a democratic society through an interdisciplinary, educational experience. ROA students are creative, out-of-the box learners, thinkers and doers. They thrive in an environment of individualized learning and direction, with a parent-teacher team dedicated to helping them find and develop their talents and passions through a rigorous, academic program with high expectations. Our program is exploration-based and creative, providing children with the opportunity to comprehend the state standards in their individualized learning style. They accomplish this through information gathering and demonstration of their learning and ingenuity, as they focus on developing their individual talents.

The ROA program incorporates onsite classes for academic support, enrichment, socialization and collaboration; parent participation in school-based activities; and parent education during parent bootcamps on how to support their children in an independent study environment that is based on exploration and creativity. ROA provides daily math and ELA labs, which are staffed by well qualified, credentialed Coaching Teachers ready to assist students as needed. ROA also provides technology-oriented learning activities, which prepare them for college and career readiness, while they are encouraged to demonstrate and share their passions. Students are given the opportunity to utilize technology through various mediums: online learning management systems, websites, web blogs, streaming video, and online businesses. We are continuing to develop community outreach programs to get students more involved in lifelong community service.

ROA parents, students and Coaching Teachers believe that the best learning occurs when:

  • Curricula is tailored to each student’s learning styles;
  • One-to-one teaching is used as appropriate;
  • Real life, context-based learning is emphasized;
  • Supplemental enrichment is offered through onsite classroom instruction, independent learning, field trips, apprenticeships, appropriate use of technology, etc.;
  • Direct teaching and textbook learning are viewed as one aspect of a student’s education;
  • Social-emotional nurturance, through workshops and one-on-one discussions, support students and families;
  • The school campus is a community of its own; and students participate in service to the extended, local community;
  • Engaging, worthwhile learning opportunities are provided that will stimulate the interests of each student;
  • Coaching Teachers and parents work cooperatively to design curricula to draw out the greatness in each individual student by developing his or her interests, gifts, talents and passions;

ROA SLO Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

River Oaks Academy's Student General Outcomes

  • Passion powered
  • Academic competence
  • Passionate, collaborative, creative, and critical thinkers
  • Efficient in their use of information and technology.
  • College and career ready