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Welcome to New Families

Dear Prospective River Oaks Academy family, 

River Oaks Academy Charter (ROA) is a personalized learning public charter school that offers a unique educational experience different from traditional classroom programs. The school was founded on the belief that all children are born with the capacity for life-long learning, and we aim to nurture and develop that brilliance in each student.

One of the primary goals of ROA is to ensure that students master the necessary skills to succeed in college and their future careers. To achieve this, we provide a range of resources and support systems. Enrichment workshops are offered to enhance students' learning experiences and broaden their horizons.

Academic support is a vital component of ROA’ss' approach. The school understands that each student has their own learning style, and therefore, it accommodates different learning preferences. Students have the freedom to work at their own pace, allowing them to delve deeper into subjects they find interesting or spend more time on challenging topics. This flexibility helps promote a personalized learning experience.

Collaboration is strongly emphasized at ROA. Students, parents, and Coaching Teachers form a cohesive team to support the educational journey of each student. Every student is assigned a Coaching Teacher who serves as a guide and provides ongoing academic and wellness support. This Coaching Teacher works closely with the student and their parent, who acts as the academic facilitator. 

By fostering relationships with staff, students, and families, ROA creates a supportive community where everyone can thrive. The school values the input and involvement of parents in their child's education and encourages open communication between all educational partners.

Overall, ROA aims to provide a dynamic learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential by embracing their individuality, accommodating their learning styles, and fostering collaboration among students, parents, and teachers.

River Oaks is fully WASC and NCAA accredited. ROA offers a full selection of a-g courses in high school. 

To begin our application process, please schedule a tour first and then register online Click Here To Schedule a Tour

Thank you again for your interest in our school, and we look forward to working with you.

Claudia Weintraub, Director,
and the entire ROA Team